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How to become a Tasker? How do I find the tasks? How do I post my services? How much can I earn with ServeLike monthly? How do I get paid? When do I get paid? Where should I work? When should I work? How do I make an offer? Do I have a schedule for my work? Am I a contractor or an employee? Do I need to have any experience to work for ServeLike? What if I need to cancel a pre-scheduled task? What is ServeLike processing fee? Do I need to have a background check for being a tasker at ServeLike? How to build more trust with the task Posters? Can I post multiple services at ServeLike?


What is ServeLike? What type of tasks can I provide at ServeLike? When is the ServeLike Service Fee charged?


Task Posters
How to post a task? What will happen after I post a task? How do I pay the tasker? Is it free to post a task at ServeLike? What if the tasker does not show up? How can I trust a tasker? How do I choose the best tasker for my task? How can I assign a task to my favorite tasker? May I post multiple tasks at ServeLike? How much should I pay for a task? Can I contact a tasker before booking a task? How do I release payment to the tasker? How do I leave a review for a tasker? When I meet a Tasker how do I know that they are who they say they are? How do I cancel/reschedule my task? How to contact ServeLike? What are the payment methods?